Trend Report: Loving Linoleum (Is this how revolutions begin?)

GENUINE AND ECO-FRIENDLY. MAKE ARMSTRONG GENUINE LINOLEUM YOUR NEXT CHOICE. MOTHER EARTH WILL THANK YOU. High praise indeed, but there’s a Texas-size island of plastic trash swirling around in the Central North Pacific, so I’m not convinced the divine Ms. E has time to thank me for much of anything, let alone for remodeling the kitchen with Armstrong products. Having said that, linoleum’s seamless look and extensive color selection can be installed to create many different looks, and it’s no surprise it’s making a comeback now that people are beginning to renovate for themselves rather than for resale. While linoleum is often associated with fifties-diner style settings, the material is now being used in a wide range of settings. I’m sold. What do you think?

At the excellent San Francisco Italian restaurant Delfina, where I stuffed myself with creamy, rich beef marrow risotto, the linoleum surface runs up the wall to create an easy-to-clean and stylish, um, toilet rail?  Delfina also operates a couple pizzeria’s, including neighbor Pizzeria Mission where my San Frantastic friend Marla and I shared possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had (with fried eggs the star topping). Delfina’s 18th Street locations are walking distance to an amazing stretch of independent shops (home and otherwise), restaurants and coffee houses.

Former Open House stars Mark and Patrick used linoleum when they renovated the kitchen in their Edgewater Beach condo.

Dressing room at Lucky Brand Jeans Union Square store.

From via KitchenLab’s Rebekah Zaveloff (thanks darlin’).

Courtesy Armstrong

Courtesy Armstrong

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2 Responses to “Trend Report: Loving Linoleum (Is this how revolutions begin?)”

  1. I just put in an Armstrong Bio Based Tile floor in a kitchen in Highland Park and I saw another one on DIY or that’s my favorite looking one to date. I’ll send you pic

  2. That’s what I just put in my kitchen.