This Week: Survival Annex at The Curiosity Shoppe (San Francisco)

Survival Annex is “a group effort based under the guise of survival.” Curator Aurora Crispin has assembled an excellent array of theme-appropriate small edition products that work very well with The Curiosity Shoppe’s quirky vibe.  And it gave me an idea. Imagine the possibilities of a permanent retail improv troupe, a small company with a talented network of artists and designers (of the graphic, furniture and clothing variety) who create temporary shops based on their inspirations, current events, the latest trends (or anti-trends) or possibly words picked out of a cheering crowd (or from Facebook fans).  “OK, I hear survival,” I can almost hear Aurora saying, but what if she heard “hospital!” or “funeral home”? Throw in a cadre of musicians to compose the soundtrack or a DJ to mix the music and it’s a party with ITunes potential.

The possibilities for such a troupe are endless; the company could take a permanent space or just create buzz wherever it pops up. And such a concept would be an excellent way to bring new designers and artists to the public’s attention. Finally, an improv retail troupe would foster community. For example, in addition to merely peddling its wares, Survival Annex also sponsors regular plant exchanges, a fun way to meet the neighbors while simultaneously drawing attention to the many interesting small edition works.  Hurry over, because the show closes on February 26th.  What’s next Aurora?

Survival Annex (at The Curiosity Shoppe through February 26, 2010). 855 Valencia Street. San Francisco. 415.671.5384.

A few Survival Annex products. Great job pulling this show together Aurora!

Plant cuttings from an exchange at Survival Annex.

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One Response to “This Week: Survival Annex at The Curiosity Shoppe (San Francisco)”

  1. This looks like a really interesting place. I love quirky spots like this.