The Women’s Building (Mission District, San Francisco)

Stunning, isn’t it? The Women’s Building is a woman owned and operated community center offering services and programs for, you guessed it, women and girls. Which is very cool. Click here to donate. Now back to design business. I’d love to live across the street from such a spectacular mural, but it’s pretty bold, and I might feel differently if it were less successfully executed (which is also the title of my forthcoming How To book). How would you feel about living with views of The Women’s Building? People with beach houses are always talking about how they picked the wall color or the sofa upholstery to match the sea. Would you do the same if your view were dominated by a mural? Or does that just work with nature?

The Women’s Building 3543 18th Street #8. San Francisco. 415.431.1180

It’s nice to have a good friend who is willing to go out of her way to show me her city’s amazing sites.

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