Objet: The White Ceramic Polaroid

When I visited The Curiosity Shoppe a few weeks ago, I had to make a decision whether to buy a little red First Aid cabinet I’ve long been eyeing or a white ceramic Polaroid camera. Tough choice. I collect white pottery, and I love photography, but the Polaroid was a little pricey, so I bought the red First Aid cabinet. Luckily, Jayson Home + Garden’s Devin Kirk saw the post and remembered seeing the same ceramic Polaroid in the bargain bin at Urban Outfitters. $10. Sold.

Also on my radar is the new instant camera Urban Outfitter’s offers, which spits out credit card sized photos. It’d sure be fun to play with that for a weekend; I’m envisioning a wall of credit card sized pics, secured by lucite or just tacked up casually in neat rows. What do you think?

Available at Urban Outfitters

Thanks again Devin. Check out Jayson Home + Garden’s spring upholstery sale through March 28th.

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3 Responses to “Objet: The White Ceramic Polaroid”

  1. Patrick Roullier 27. Feb, 2010 at 6:32 am

    love the ceramic camera! Boy George does photo collage like this in rows of clubbers and punks in London.. It was featured in a “The World of Interiors” mag. a few years ago.. what neat little pics.. I have two polaroid Cameras If you want them!! one older one newer.. I don’t use them.. Your welcome to them…

  2. Patrick, thank you so much. I have an old Polaroid at my Mom’s place, but I really appreciate the offer.

  3. Jim got me the Fuji instant camera for my birthday and it works like a dream. The ceramic camera was the concept of Yellow Owl Worship from S.F. and they also make amazing stationery.