The Flipside: One Building, Two Units, Two Results

Life is full of interesting coincidences. For example, when my brother Kevin decided New York City wasn’t his cup of tea in 2003, I offered to help him find an apartment in Chicago and ultimately, he decided to rent a one bedroom unit in Lakeview. Kevin only lived in that apartment for one year, which is too bad, because a few years later, former Open House star Decorator Dave Hopkins moved into the unit across the hall, and who wouldn’t want a neighbor like Dave? The other day I found my 2003 scouting photos and was struck by the difference between the two units.


Dave (left) and Matthew (right) from last fall’s spectacular subterranean dinner party. Matthew was the subject of one of 2009’s most popular Open House tours.

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7 Responses to “The Flipside: One Building, Two Units, Two Results”

  1. decorator dave 21. Feb, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Oh my gosh…I totally threw out the ‘country blue and floral’ doormat on the backporch when I moved in. It is such a small world.

  2. Wow – quite a difference. I love Decorator Dave’s idea of using a mirrored medicine cabinet in the kitchen.

  3. In defence of your brother Kevin, his place was NEAT, CLEAN and he did try his hand at some decorative touches such as plants, the candelabra in the fireplace hearth and the photos on the mantel. While these paled beside the stunning creativity of Decorator Dave, Kevin had mastered the fundamentals of interior decor, except for the most important – find alternative storage for the bike besides the living room!

  4. What’s interesting to me is, the stoves in the 2 apartments are very similar. In Dave’s place it looks cool and in Kevin’s it looks like any other stove in a Chicago apartment.
    Did Dave modify it somehow?

  5. Decorator dave 24. Feb, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    That stove actually got ripped out recently and replaced with a six burner stainless steel beast. I can make pancakes for thirty. At once. I took the back off of my old stove so it didn’t have a weird black bar across the wall and modified the levelers on it so it was almost flush with the wood counter tops. It was a good project but I much prefer the new range.

  6. Tate brought me to one of your parties, Dave, and I saw and loved the 6 burner “beast” which you said you rescued from somewhere, I don’t remember where now. But I do think it was genius the way you turned that typical apartment stove into something striking.

  7. Dave can turn any space into a gem. Dave bottle your boldness and give me some.