If I Lived Here: Lombard Street (the crookedest street in SF)

Google the word ‘crookedest’, and you’ll see that the top few auto-suggestions relate to Lombard Street in San Francisco. Fans of Real World 3: San Francisco (the last semi-decent season) may recall Lombard Street as the location of the cast home, although I can’t envision a scenario in which the affluent neighbors baked cookies for Puck and the gang. At least not after seeing how angry one of the owners became when a teenaged tourist inadvertently blocked his driveway, which delayed his homecoming by several seconds. The phrase “count your blessings” comes to mind, but that’s easy for me to say; maybe if I lived there and had to suffer throngs of clueless, camera-toting buffoons day after day, I’d  lobby to make it a gated community. But somehow I don’t think so. Living in a hilltop house with a view of the hills and the bay in a warm, sunny city like San Francisco would be quite a blessing. I’d like to think I’d be willing to share.

I never cared about views one way or another, but spending the past couple weeks in San Francisco may have changed my opinion. Wait until you see Marla and Cate’s views (future Open House), which are even more spectacular at night. How important are views when you choose a place to live?

I really love this house.

Reviewing these photos, I’ve already changed my mind. I’d be calling the SFPD every five minutes.

This tourist is even wearing a Union Square T-shirt. What a poser.

There’s literally no way to properly expose for my albino-like skin in such bright sunlight, so I apologize for this highly manipulated photo, more artist rendering than actual representation. Please also excuse the messy hair.

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5 Responses to “If I Lived Here: Lombard Street (the crookedest street in SF)”

  1. Trust me, if you were paying for Lombard Street real estate, you’d be doing a lot more than calling the cops on the gawkers. Buckets of water, at the very least…

    Lombard, in fact, is not the crookedest street in SF. We natives know that honor belongs to a section of Vermont Street on Potrero Hill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfK0VTB-C1Y.

    As for views, it’s a plus, but not mandatory. Still, I can’t forget the old SF flat of my best girl friend. Located between Pacific Heights and Union Street, it had to be the best deal in town, thanks to the lease being held for so long. With at least 1,800 sq. ft. on the third (top) floor), three roommates shared views from the East Bay, Coit Tower, all the way around to the Golden Gate. All for under $2,000/mo.

    Still, my favorite view is in the East Bay. High above El Cerrito, above the intersection of Moeser Lane and the Arlington, is First Unitarian, Berkeley. From the terrace, it appears that entire Bay Area has been rolled out before you like a carpet. http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/Tpmdjy1llAzQlLOtypkxQQ?select=95yqoz6IERK2XZqM21ntow

  2. when are you coming home??? I miss you, my friend.

  3. I miss you too Lizardo. But I’m home now, so you can rest easy. Let’s hang out. Your pal T8.

  4. Judy, thanks for such an amazing comment. It’s so interesting to get the insiders scoop from a native. Do you still live there?

  5. You’re very welcome!!! (And an extra note: Nobody, and I mean nobody, who’s from there ever calls it San Fran or Frisco! It’s either the City or San Francisco.)

    No, I’m no longer there. Left in 1995 for NYC; been in Chicago for over 13 years. (Actually, I’m a neighbor of two of your subjects from summer of 2008.)

    If you haven’t already, on another trip to the Bay Area, I’d highly recommend a walking tour around the Berkeley Hills. (The Rose Garden is a great starting place.) Just incredible places, many designed or inspired by Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan. One block even has a secret private community – invisible from the street, the homeowners share a private park, complete with swimming pool and tennis courts.

    Oh, and for reasonable antiques, it’s worth checking out downtown Martinez and teensy little enclave of Port Costa. Most especially Port Costa… I’d dare say most Bay Area residents don’t even know it exists.