Follow wedding rules for design bliss (Make It Better)

Making your house better can be as easy as saying “I do.”  Read all about it at Make It Better.

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3 Responses to “Follow wedding rules for design bliss (Make It Better)”

  1. Hi… I am a little ambivalent about this plug for “Make it Better”. Have you planned a wedding lately? Anything LESS simple is hard to imagine. Most generals can plan and execute a coup d’etat in their country easier than a couple can plan and carry out their wedding day to say “I do”.

  2. Is that your REAL picture in the contributor’s box on the Make It Better site, Tate? (Just kidding, you look fab.)

  3. Wedding rules for house design – that’s an interesting concept. It would be fun to use when you are at a stage “I want to change something but I don’t know why”. Great resources too, thank you.