Parks & Rec: Coit Tower (San Francisco)

Built atop Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower offers another example of San Francisco art deco architecture. Like the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tour is touristy, but it too held up well, offering fantastic city views, gorgeous murals commissioned under the WPA program and a very, very old elevator.

Have a nice weekend. To signal my affection, I’m mock punching the collective you in the arm.

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3 Responses to “Parks & Rec: Coit Tower (San Francisco)”

  1. Great photos! You’re inspiring my wanderlust – where should I go next?

  2. I’m sorry, but the phallic imagery in some of these shots is overwhelming. That added to the name–“Coit Tower” is not such an auditory stretch to “coitus”–and the above commenter’s unfortunate use of the term “wanderlust,” means I was compelled to point out the subtext in this post.


  3. Squee! I love the WPA murals and I hope you managed to sneak out that cool penny souvenir squasher machine under your jacket!