Exterior Design at Land’s End? (Special B.C. Post!)

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy says Land’s End is “San Francisco’s wildest and rockiest coast, a place strewn with shipwrecks and rife with landslides.” Not to mention decorations. During my recent Land’s End hike, I spotted a labyrinth temporarily carved into the rocky coastal area and a beautiful assemblage of stones, nuts and feathers that looks like something Wilma Flintstone might covet (god rest her long dead soul).


But I’m not at all sure what they signify, nor how they should be classified. The latter arrangement isn’t exactly landscaping, but it’s not interior design either. Does putting together an arrangement of natural materials constitute art? Sure, but to what degree? Does it have religious significance? Possibly, but that doesn’t necessarily discount its aesthetic function. (Maybe it’s prehistoric religious kitsch!) How about exterior design? Maybe exterior design begat interior design while cave drawings began art. The day a visionary Cro-magnon first brought these assemblages inside the hut must have been terribly exciting after so many visually sparse years. Like making fire, texting or any other good idea, decorating went viral eventually, and after ten or twenty thousand years, people were probably sprucing up their huts all around the world. Of course I’m speculating.

I’ll bet many Cro-magnons collected rocks, and many Cro-magnons collected feathers, but only the most Berkus of Cro-magnons could pull them together.

Cro-Magnon from Encyclopedia Britannica

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2 Responses to “Exterior Design at Land’s End? (Special B.C. Post!)”

  1. I love the feather/rock/nut assemblage. It reminds me of the heart shaped rocks the little girl collected in a post from last year.

  2. Hi, Tate! I was a little startled when I read the headline, as I thought you meant to indicate you had popped up to British Columbia (the first thing most Canadians think of when they see “B.C.”) for a bit of Olympic Winter Games R&R. Then of course I read further, and understood your reference. Cor! Cro-Magnon Charlie is quite the dude. Britannica did a fine job with that illustration. Wilma would throw over Fred for this hunk in an Ice Age minute. Thanks for the photos! Magnifico.