Architectural Anarchy at Andersonville Galleria

Gosia I. Korsakowski’s regularly sends out e-mails with images of items she’s to her vintage Etsy shop.  More than once, the e-mails have prompted me to visit Gosia’s space at the Andersonville Galleria where I inevitably find five more things I want.  She’s smart huh?  Things must be going well, because Gosia recently partnered with another vendor to expand the Galleria space.  Dubbed Architectural Anarchy, the space rocks.  Stop in and check it out.

Andersonville Galleria.  5247 North Clark St. Chicago. 773.878.8570

Why is that giant red phone receiver still available?  It’s big, strange, quirky and red; what more do you want?

Gosia also carries Albert Tanquero and Jim York’s line of The Found cards.


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7 Responses to “Architectural Anarchy at Andersonville Galleria”

  1. This is my favorite booth in the galleria. This woman has a fantastic eye. Thanks so much for attaching her Etsy items.

  2. Tate,
    Thank you so much for your great post about our space and for your kind comments about the finds. I love your photos.

  3. I was just at this booth last weekend and it is truly well thought out – a very cohesive vibe to all of the great stuff. There’s another boot at the very back of the Galleria that was being rearranged while I was there – they seemed to be bringing in more mid-c items and they had a WONDERFUL Russian submarine wall clock that was so tempting……

  4. I also love this booth — and don’t know how I missed fake Oscar. Time for another visit. . .

  5. Oooooh never been. Have to check it out!

  6. We all need some Architectural Anarchy!!! Gosia and Bill (of Zaps Props) have teamed up to sell some of the coolest items in the city. Great work guys- I love your spaces. It’s the boldest booth in Galleria.

  7. Lovely , Gosia has an eye for the amazing and artsy. Loved her on Etsy. Hope to visit soon!