This Week: Scout kicks it up a notch


In order to see Scout’s new window displays, I often divert my car needlessly from Ashland Avenue to the much busier Clark Street.  Sometimes I see owner Larry Vodak or interior designer Nicholas Moriarty working on a display or chatting with a customer at the front door, and for some reason, I tend to duck down and hit the gas as if I’ve been caught doing something bad.  And why?  It’s not like there’s a court order.  But my Ashland/Clark shame fiasco’s always worth it, because Scout’s windows invariably dazzle, showcasing the store’s new additions in such a way that they somehow cease to exist as separate things, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

But life being as busy as it is, I don’t frequent Scout or my other favorites nearly as often as I would like, a fact I’ll have to change, because during my recent visit, I was blown away by the shop’s interesting mix of furniture and accessories, especially Ted Harris’ lamps and pendants, Michael McGuire’s art and Vodak’s occasional quixotic pick (a canoe hangs from the shop’s gorgeous tin ceiling).

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Vodak and the people whom he represents and collaborates with, Moriarty, Harris, McGuire and others, have a kind of retail chemistry.  Of course, chemistry’s naturally happening all around us in nature, but we also use the term to describe the magic that happens between friends and lovers in life and between actors on the stage and screen, the magic that happens when people come together to create something special.  Insert appropriate sports analogy here.

Sure chemistry can be explosive once in awhile, but did you notice how happy you felt when the sun finally came out this week after what feels like months of gloom?  People love the sun so much they travel to Florida of all places.  That fiery ball in the sky is chemistry at work.  So is the reason it makes you feel so damn happy after a long separation.  It’s one chemical reaction triggering another and on and on.  It’s all chemistry.  And that’s what I contend is now happening at Scout.  Which explains the cool windows.

Scout 5221 N. Clark Street. Chicago, IL. 773-275-5700

From Friday 11/6 – Sunday 11/8, Scout will be exhibiting at this year’s Winnetka Modernism show at the Winnetka Field House.  Please stop by to support your favorite modernist dealers and to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary.

Larry Vodak was featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Luxe Magazine, and it’s a terrific piece.  Check it out on newsstands now.











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4 Responses to “This Week: Scout kicks it up a notch”

  1. Tate,

    I loved your writing in this post. Just had to tell you.

  2. Yummy yummy yummy!
    What a gorgeous shop!

  3. Can’t wait to see what Scout exhibits at the Modernism show – I hear through the grapevine that this is the last stand-alone Modernism show at the Winnetka Community House – next year it will get rolled into their regular antiques show so I highly recommend going this year.

  4. I love & respect Lawrence! I dig his whole vibe, his zest for life, and the care he puts into SCOUT! He’s an architectual design genius! He’s taught me a thing or two–not only about design, but inadvertently about the human condition. He’s my vitamin B-12! “L”