Open House: So long Andrew Hollingsworth


Well there’s no easy way to say it, is there?  Danish Modern furniture authority and dealer Andrew Hollingsworth has decided to leave Chicago for California’s sunny shores, specifically San Fransisco, a kind of fairy tale city in my mind where it’s bright every day and foggy every night and the streetcar bells echo through the hills.  I love San Fransisco without reservation, which offers some comfort I suppose.

I had the pleasure to make Andrew’s acquaintance last spring when I photographed his private showroom and then again when I finally made an appointment to purchase the lamp I couldn’t get out of my head; I wound up leaving his showroom a few days later with four (it was like eating chips).  It was only a matter of time before I boldly inquired about photographing his apartment, which has been featured in Metropolitan Home and CS.  The rest you’ll know after reading this.  Andrew’s place is stunning, and since it was last published, he bought a small upstairs unit, which he connected with a lucite spiral staircase.  I’ll post photos of the addition soon.

Andrew Hollingsworth’s an old-fashioned sort, a scholar and a gentleman, and San Fransisco will be a little greater with him in residence.  So long Andrew Hollingsworth (it sucks when friends leave).

If you like Andrew’s place and happen to be in the market for a large, gracious Lake Shore Drive apartment, you’re in luck because the unit’s for sale.  Click here for listing information.


Also, please be sure to visit Andrew Hollingworth’s website to view some of his amazing (amazing) clearance items.  For example, click here and prepare to be shocked at how little he’s asking for the stunning lamp pictured above.

And click here for past Open House tours.















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5 Responses to “Open House: So long Andrew Hollingsworth”

  1. Swoon. If Mr. Hollingsworth has a garage sale as part of his moving prep I want to go!

  2. Love it love it. That lucite staircase is sooo beautiful.

  3. Linton Vedrene 15. Sep, 2010 at 9:59 pm


  4. Sad I missed this.
    Nice guy with exquisite taste. Sorry to see he’s moved away, but good for him!