The Wednesday Post That Wasn’t


12:49 a.m.

Can I be honest with you?  It’s now 12:49 a.m., and I don’t feel much like writing a post.  I could tell you I’m going to bed, but I’m not, although that’d be a good way to end the post.  Like, Ok, now I really am tired, so I actually will be heading to bed.  But really I just feel like reading a magazine more than I feel like writing a post.  So here are a few content-related suggestions to help you get through a day without Strange Closets:

1.  Enough about me, let’s talk about the new Chicago Home + Garden.  For those who read it, did you see my article about Andersonville Interior Designer and George Lowell owner George Arduser? 

I don’t even know how to transition out of the previous sentence because it’s meant to be a humorous riff on that “Enough about me, what about you?  What do you think of me?” line, but it’s also true – I did write an article about Andersonville Interior Designer George Arduser for the new issue.  The sentence preceding this sentence was weird because it kind of pulls the curtain back on my writing process.  But now I’m beginning to wonder if I it would have been better, if I were to include this paragraph at all, to put it at the end of the post with an asterick.*  As I don’t want to ramble,**  I’ll continue:

The new Chicago Home’s really great, so please check it out, and if you like it, please subscribe.  And that goes for any print magazine you really like.

Continued . . .


1:08 a.m.

Here are a few others:

If you like Decoratus Absurdum, please wander over to Street Anatomy.  Thanks to Kramer Design Studio’s Randy Kramer for the tip!

If you like vintage stuff, garage sales and acerbic wit, please show a little love for Backgarage blogger Katherine Raz.  But just a little, because I’m not going anywhere.

If you enjoy reading about commercial innovation, check out Chief Marketing Officer Gunnar Branson’s excellent blog.  I’d wager the lessons you learn will be applicable to other areas of your life (even design).

If you want to read about comic books, which they still make, please visit my favorite websites covering comic book news and opinion, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.  Also, did you hear Disney bought Marvel Comics, home of the Incredible Hulk (“Bah, puny humans!”), the Amazing Spiderman (“With great power comes great responsibility.”), the Fantastic Four (“It’s Clobberin’ Time”) and the X-Men (“Snkkkt”).  It’s going to be Clobbering Time for real if Donald Duck joins the X-Men.

If you enjoy reading about new advances in technology, I recommend Slash Dot.  It’s very factual, and it was recommended to me by a corporate WAN consultant type (you know the type).  But Rodney’s dope, and I like Slash Dot.

Finally, if you enjoy reading about, like, scientific advances but through a sort of paranoid, conspiracy-minded editorial bent, then read the best of that surprisingly full category (Long before it’s in the papers).

Continued . . .


1:21 a.m.

If you want to support an independent, always excellent monthly magazine, which doesn’t accept ads, please subscribe to The Sun.  I haven’t missed an issue in ten years, and I devour each one cover to cover.  Each issue includes:

  • An interview with a person of note, a scientist or an activist or a true expert (unlike most paid pundits who know little about what they speak)
  • A Readers Write section where readers write very short essays about certain topics, i.e. Camping or Going It Alone (which are just examples)
  • Fiction, a thought provoking letters page and much more

If you like being inspired, learning how to make old furniture pieces beautiful or just enjoy hanging out with a great person, please click on this link to former Strange Closets Open House star Diana Durkes’s Fine Diving in Chicago.

1:38 a.m.

Are you guys watching True Blood?  If so, what do you think?  I love it.

2:02 a.m.

Ok, now I really am tired, so I actually will be heading to bed.

*Like so.

** Too late a-hole.

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6 Responses to “The Wednesday Post That Wasn’t”

  1. OMG! I’m almost done mainlining the first season of True Blood and I L-O-V-E it. I don’t have HBO so I’ll have to wait until they put out the second season on iTunes or DVD. Those vampires are sexy, but I like Sam Merlotte the best.

    Ok – I think I’m done gushing like a 12 year old girl after a Tiger Beat binge.

  2. Love the old pics. What a cute litte triscuit you were.

  3. Paula, I’m going to find a way to incorporate True Blood into every post I write. Do me a favor, will you? When you finish season 2 next year, come back and re-read all my posts from July, August and September of 2009.

  4. This is my favorite ever comment. Yes, I was a Triscuit.

  5. Did you guys ever see cuter kids? Not to brag, though.

  6. Mom! Don’t embarrass me like this.