Photo Essay: Labor Day in Downtown Chicago


As you peruse today’s photo essay, I must insist you listen to this excellent song.  Just click the YouTube player icon on your screen.  Sheesh, can you imagine how strange the preceding sentence would’ve sounded to you fifteen years ago?  Or, how much would we even understand about modern day life if we were transported here from the year 1900?  I’ll bet my first reaction would be like, “ARGH!  Why am I typing on a TV?”  But I’d be excited about electric cars.

But I digress, I spent Labor Day hanging around downtown (up to no good).  The weather was warm and slightly humid, so the slightest hint of a breeze made powerful use of the cooling properties of evaporation, which tamed my cranky inner beast (for now).  I passed Oprah’s crew, who were setting up a closed off Michigan Avenue for the big O-vent.  And I wound up in Millennium Park, which is just such. a. joy.  So enjoy the photos.

How was your weekend by the way?  What’d you all do?


Oprah's crew setting up for the big surprise. I can't even sleep I'm so darn excited.


Truth in cropping.






The past and the future face off once and for all






Fun Fact: Did you know that Millennium Park's much loved "bean" sculpture is also a swirling death vortex?


This frickin' guy pissed me off. If it were not for him, the entire view would've been clear (which never happens). I'll try again next time.


Do you think these folks are promise keepers?



Fiction in cropping. There aren't any other dudes behind the pictured dudes.



Can you believe how slovenly society has become?


















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3 Responses to “Photo Essay: Labor Day in Downtown Chicago”

  1. Makes me want to go downtown.

  2. Awesome photos! Who’s that good looking guy in front of Marina Towers?

  3. Tate…wow…you make the city look amazing…if i didn’t live here already, i would want to move here!…fabulous photographs…interesting how quiet some parts of the city look..what time was it?