Open House: James and Blue’s Restful Northfield Home


Thanks to Nalani, a Strange Closets reader, for emailing me about her good friends James and Blue.  From the curb, the couple’s home, with its brick and siding exterior and prominent garage, looks lovely but very traditional, so I was surprised and delighted by the home’s global influences, peaceful energy and most importantly, its fascinating inhabitants.

Married for 35 years, James and Blue raised three children in the home.  Now empty nester’s, James and Blue see the house more as a resting place after their extensive global travels, and despite living in the house for 30 years, they don’t seem anchored by it.

As an intuitive, Blue travels for continued education, adventure and when she’s called to give a reading.  In South Africa, Blue sat and studied with Credo Mutwa, who she describes as the Dalai Lama of Africa.  She’s trekked through the Andes in Ecuador and ventured so deep into the Amazon rain forest that a plane provides the only transportation in or out.  But its remoteness may be a blessing, because according to Blue, the peaceful society has no war, no crime and no rape.

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Nalani (left) and Blue (right) seated in the garden.

It was in the Amazon that a Shaman gave Blue an herb commonly used in religious ceremonies.  The herb impacts everybody differently; it can offer tremendous insight, but it can also cause nausea and anxiety.  Like entering the jungle, there’s no turning back once ingesting the drug.  Perhaps that’s the lesson.

As we talk, Blue leads Nalani and me into the basement where she gives readings.  She asks if I want one, and I nod.  Because Nalani’s sitting quietly behind us, Blue says she’ll avoid getting too personal, but I urge her to go ahead.  “You’re open,” she says approvingly.   Touch is one of the ways Blue reads  energy, so she I give her my camera, and she closes her eyes.  She describes a woman named Cheryl, but I don’t know a Cheryl.  Cheryl has a tough energy, Blue says.  I’m blank.  Frustrated, Blue asks if she can take my hands, and I nod again.  “Your poor stomach,” she says.  “It hurts, right?”  I shrug, and Blue looks perplexed.  I shrug again then remember, yes, it did hurt last night, and I did have some fairly severe stomach issues when I was a kid.   As Blue continues her reading, I can’t stop thinking about Cheryl.

We walk upstairs and out into the back yard, which offers yet another surprise.  Lush, deep and beautifully landscaped with eastern artifacts, the yard feels peaceful and appears never-ending. (Click here for a tour of Blue’s spectacular secret garden).  Then it hits me, Blue said Cheryl, but she was talking about my friend Sharon, and yea, she’s tough.  Sharon was the last person I’d photographed before visiting James and Blue’s.  As an aside, I’m pretty open to psychic phenomenon (and I thought perhaps a tiny bit smart), so I can’t explain my initial disbelief or why I didn’t make the rather obvious leap from Cheryl to Sharon more quickly.


“That’s funny,” I say.  “I see an alley running behind your yard, but obviously it’s just trees . . . must be from living in the city.”

Blue looks at me quizzically and grins.

“Keep walking,” she says.

As I approach the back of the lot, I see that it slopes toward a creek, which runs parallel to the house much like an alley would.

“I think you’re an intuitive too,” she says.

I did literally “see” something in my mind I could not see with my eyes, but who knows?  In any event, I have a strong sense that James and Blue will enjoy a fascinating life full of education, spirituality and new adventures.

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8 Responses to “Open House: James and Blue’s Restful Northfield Home”

  1. I love the wood framed bed. Where did they buy such a fabulous piece?

  2. Fascinating! My brother lives in Northfield in a house with a similar exterior – but the interior couldn’t be more different!

  3. What a great house – I really love the sense of calm I see in the photos, inside as well as out.

  4. I enjoy interiors of homes that you would not necessarily expect from simply looking at the exterior (don’t judge that book quite yet), this home is definitely one of those, what a great find and thanks for sharing.

  5. Chantel & Eugene Oppelt 10. Aug, 2009 at 5:26 am

    Blue and James are our family away from our home in Cape Town,South Africa. We were staying at their beautiful home when these photos were taken.

    The pictures capture the essence of its serenity and wholeness.

    All our love to you Blue and James

    Chantel(medicine woman walking with Black Panther) and Eugene (Lion)

  6. The bed is called an opium bed–begin the hunt!

    This home is absolutely incredible. Each room looks like a place for conversation.

  7. What beautiful pictures of the interior and of your beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing with us Blue, you are so talented.