Open House: Mikey and Brian’s Yo Soy Brunch


Whether they’re preparing a meal, planning a dinner party or selecting the tunes, today’s Open House stars Mikey and Brian are all about mixing it up.  When I arrive, Mikey quickly introduces me to the guests before leading me to the kitchen where Brian prepares Chinese-Mexican fusion, which will be a staple offering of their new catering business Yo Soy.  As we gab, I try my best to focus on the conversation and to tame my roving eye, but I’m so curious about the space I can’t stop myself from exploring.

The sun floods into the south facing living room, which is painted a bright limey green.  The bold color flows into the dining room where the gents transformed a wall recession that once held a built-in buffet into a focal point by painting it a blackish brown and hanging mirrors and old frames (sans art) in a variety of sizes.  Mid-century modern red and blue stacking chairs were a summer flea market find, and they somehow work perfectly with the saturated citrus walls.  A dramatic chandelier completes the scene.

While the party seemed perfect, it was actually quite impromptu.  Brian and Mikey had decided to throw their little shing-ding just hours earlier at 1 a.m.  Unable to sleep, they made a list, raced to the grocery store and text messaged their friends, most of whom received their invitations when they awoke the next morning.

“What the #$%@ are they doing sending texts at 3 a.m.,” one party goer recalls thinking incredulously, although one cannot help but notice she’s also eating happily and moving to the beat of the Nina Simone dance remix playing on the sound system.

Continued . . .


While the language has been known to get a bit salty at the boys’ regular brunch and dinner parties, friends say the food’s usually pitch perfect.  Brian sent it out in waves:  crab soup in coconut milk served in the spoon, mini gourmet burgers and an assortment of finger foods, so beautiful it made me feel bad to partake . . . until I partook.  Then I just felt happy.  Brian’s an artist (his paintings hang throughout the space), but he learned about food presentation while working at fine dining establishments, most recently Aigre Doux.

The self-described foodies throw the parties partially for practice and partially for fun, and you can tell.  Brian and Mikey want say they want their Yo Soy events to feel more like a guerrilla restaurant setup camp in the living room.  Despite their last minute preparations, the affair appeared anything but last minute, and I’d hire them anytime.

Thanks guys!  Yo Soy is now available for your catering needs. 

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9 Responses to “Open House: Mikey and Brian’s Yo Soy Brunch”

  1. Yum!

    I love the lime green color. I want to repaint the two front doors at my house (currently boring beige) and this would be a fun and unexpected color.

  2. I am Mikey’s mom,and I must say, I’m totally impressed, not surprised,When we come to Chicago,Brian and my son always cook for us, and I have never tasted such great food, I look forward to our next trip in a couple of weeks, to enjoy their hospitality and their cooking!!!!!! Congratulations, wonderful presentation. A GREAT BIG TEXAS HOWDY, Love Mom

  3. These BIATCHES are sexy!!!!!!! I love men who aren’t afraid of color, textures, and being eclectic. The way everything sort of compliments each other turns me on. LOVE IT!!!!! Sorry mom- don’t mean to be crude but they are sexy.

  4. Wow! I have known Mikey years from Texas! We were alI little mexican fire crackers, so young and full of creative passion and no were to express it but the south texas club scene. I have not been to Chicago yet but I must go soon! I’m happy to see his creativity go to use! Mikey and Brian’s place looks Awesome! A great place to enjoy a social scene and let your mind wander! Just the way we always liked it! Hi Boys and a special shout out to my girl Josie party on babe! Not to much lol 😉

  5. Jennifer Jeekers 11. Jul, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    Awww! I’m so proud of you Mikey! You are still soooo photogenic! Remember when we thought you should be a model? I’m sorry I missed you AGAIN when you were in Corpus :( Hope to see you soon. And congratulations on your success!

  6. Bravo, Mikey & Brian!

    The apartment is amazing and the food looks delicious. I have no doubt Yo Soy will be a huge success. I wish you two nothing but the best for the future. You deserve it.

  7. I have known Mikey for over 14 years and he still amazes me till this day. Mikey and Brian will be successful with Yo Soy, because they are a great 1-2 punch. They have a wonderful eye for design and art.

  8. Hi,uncle mikey and Brian,
    The food looks delicious. When I was there four year`s ago for Mikey`s Graduation you ficked the BEST POT ROAST I had ever tasted in my whole life! Hugs and kisses to iggy good luck in your new venture.

    Love your niece Devyn