Interview: Eve Kelly Herman, Owner, NYC’s Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings


Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings proprietor Eve Kelly-Herman’s not just a dealer; she’s also an unapologetic twentieth century furnishings junkie.  “I only buy what I love,” says Eve.  “This gives Highland Park its true authenticity.”  When I visited Eve was busy getting ready for the showroom’s big move to the Manhattan antique marketplace Center44, but she agreed to talk with me about the biz (as they say in it).

Can you share your origin story?

I set up Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings in 2002 after a successful career in retail management and buying. I’ve always been fascinated with inventive style and grew up surrounded by the contemporary designs of the 1950’s – 1970’s.

My wish was to create a design shop that will inspire and allow people to appreciate the timeless qualities of each object.  My concentration has been on finding fabulous pieces . . . iconic designs from around the world.

How’s it going?

I enjoy working and surrounding myself with beautifully designed objects that I have chosen for Highland Park .  I find the search and acquiring of these pieces immensely challenging and rewarding.  Highland Park’s new Center 44 location will allow me to work more closely with clients, offer more extensive design services and collaborate with other designers on projects.

I find that learning about various eras, designers and pieces actually influences my taste. Can you say the same?

I don’t think you ever stop changing and developing your tastes. I really don’t. I think it’s an on-going process.

You’ve been in retail management and you’ve owned your own business.  If you’re career’s a three act play, what’s next?

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thanks Eve.

Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings @ Center 44.  222 East 44th Street, 2nd Floor.  New York, NY. 212.450.7988


A young Eve sits at a neat table.














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5 Responses to “Interview: Eve Kelly Herman, Owner, NYC’s Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings”

  1. With the right budget I could become a “regular” at Highland Park. Did you notice the fab wallpaper behind the mid-mod table and chairs in the photo of little Eve? Ten years after that photo, the whole room would have been considered “passe”. But now, of course, it is a “classic”. So here’s the lesson for all you design junkies. If you love it, keep it. 30-40 years from now it will be promoted to “classic” status and be worth a hundred times what you paid for it.

  2. What great stuff! Eve has a wonderful eye.

  3. God that stuff is beautiful. I love that silver chandelier, and the pinched teal vase, and the painting, which reminds me of smoke.

    She’s got a great eye.

  4. Those paintings are beautiful!! Who is the artist and where can I see them in person?