Designer Portfolio Update: Leo Designs project featured in CS Interiors


Hello and welcome to Strange Closets.  I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of my scouting shots for a home I wrote about for the summer issue of CS Interiors (on Chicago newstands now).

And now, enjoy this post I creatively titled:

Designer Portfolio Update: Leo Designs project featured in CS Interiors

Learning about design, its history, its masters and its cultural connations, has helped me appreciate a wider range of styles.  For example, I didn’t even like mid-century modern homes until I began to learn about Eames, Knoll and the other classic designers.  Knowledge made it impossible for me to view mid-century style as anything but breathtakingly exciting, a peaceful revolution fueled by a post-war boom in new technologies, ideas and affluence.

But it’s learning about the people who live in a space that really makes me appreciate a home.  I don’t feel like I know somebody until I’ve been to their house, and on the flip side, I find it difficult to really fall in love with a space without knowing more about the person attached to it.

What can I say?  I’m a rather right-brained human being who processes data more effectively when there’s a narrative to give it context.  I guess its fairly obvious, but I take great joy in pontificating about people and space.

Take, for example, the stunning single family home I wrote about in the summer 2009 issue of CS Interiors (on newsstands now).  Designed by the Chicago design firm Leo Designs, the home’s visceral beauty gave me butterflies, and learning more about the construction process and designer furniture made me appreciate its austere beauty even more.  But I couldn’t call it love until I learned more about the family who lives there.  I also learned that, indeed, one cannot judge a book by its cover.

Pick up the summer 2009 CS Interiors (on newsstands now) to see more of the home and to read about the amazing family who lives there.  And click here to visit Leo Designs website.  I’ve seen a number of their projects, and they’re the real deal.


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2 Responses to “Designer Portfolio Update: Leo Designs project featured in CS Interiors”

  1. Nothing makes me sadder than empty bookshelves. It’s one of my pet peeves, especially in a “designer” shot: the “bookshelves are just for aesthetic purposes” motivation, where there are very few books or they’re arranged in such a way that no one would ever do anything but dust them. The worst one I’ve seen was a designer who gift-wrapped her books for the entire Christmas season. Ridiculous.

    Anyway . . . sorry for ranting. The home looks lovely, except for those tragically empty shelves. I love the chandelier.

  2. Hi, Tate. The Pesky Editor will be making an e-mail call shortly. A great article, with fab photos. Any idea where I, a lonesome Canadian, can get a copy of CS Interiors? I’d love to have a hard copy of this article by someone I consider a true pal.