Product Spotlight: Maya Romanoff’s Blanket wallpaper line


The design academia have already started debating the social, political and cultural ramifications of wallpaper’s Phoenix-like comeback from obscurity, but I’ve kept my emotions in check and played the part of bemused observer . . . until now.  Seeing Maya Romanoff’s Blanket wallpaper has nudged me into fray.

While big bold prints are oh-so-fun, the Blanket line creates a more sophisticated, quiet look.  It’s the first piece of wall covering I’ve ever wanted to wrap myself up in and read a book – and I’d only seen the swatch.  Just the swatch!!!  It just looks soft – masculine but feminine.

Can you feel it?

Keep watching for a behind the scenes look at Maya Romanoff’s factory.  To purchase the Blanket line or other Maya Romanoff products, please contact Donghia.




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6 Responses to “Product Spotlight: Maya Romanoff’s Blanket wallpaper line”

  1. Hmmmmm……..kind of boring in my humble opinion.

  2. Decorator Dave 23. Jun, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Personally…if I am going to do wallpaper I would rather do obvious wallpaper. Subtle blanket esque textures…nah. Shiny acid green paper with 24 inch hot pink paisley patterns….thats hot.

  3. It’s warm and makes me think of wintertime. It would be great in a ski resort or lodge. I can also imagine it in smaller applications ike wrapping a photo frame or cube table.

  4. Looks lovely – I bet my cats would really like it.

  5. Rosemary – I see it not as boring but rather soothing, sophisticated . . . sublime.

  6. very handsome..would look great in a library or law office.