Open House Update: The Carter’s Tiki Basement (it’s old school cool)


I’m sunning by the beach in Naples, Florida, so no Roundup today, but I thought you’d enjoy more photos of the Carter’s stunning home.  When David, a Tiki collector, took Amy, who was also a Tiki enthusiast, to a Tiki restaurant on their first date, they knew it was love.   The Carter’s are acknowledged Tiki experts and even wrote a book on the subject.  Click here for more information.

And click here if you haven’t checked out the rest of their home yet.

Have a great weekend.  I think it’s snowing in the midwest today, so think of me as I attempt to prematurely age myself.










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5 Responses to “Open House Update: The Carter’s Tiki Basement (it’s old school cool)”

  1. That’s a hell of a commitment to a theme.

  2. Chris Isaak would KILL to live here!!!

  3. A bit too “South Pacific” for my taste, but a great backdrop for a wonderful collection. I’d feel warmer just coming into that room from a chilly rainy afternoon.

  4. It’s a perfect specimen. They’ve got everything ! My favorite part is the bamboo wainscoting.

  5. Not my style, but its well executed that’s for sure. Brilliant.