This Week: Brimfield (the new Andersonville store, not the flea market)


Despite its rough and tough Swedish population, Andersonville keeps improving and thanks to an influx of stores, the hood has become a genuine home design destination.  If you haven’t been lately, it’s time to plan a trip because upholster Julie Fernstrom has closed her west side shop English Cottage and replaced it with not one, but two new Andersonville stores, Brimfield, located at 5219 N. Clark (one door down from Scout) and the Cottage, located a few blocks north at 5644 N. Clark (a few doors north of the always cock-stocked Roost).

Named for the Massachusetts town that draws crowds of people from around the world for its massive flea market, Brimfield channels the pre-prepubescent Teddy Roosevelt-era Abercrombie & Fitch with vintage sporting gear, furniture and a plaid-tastic selection of flannel blankets so be sure to check them out.  Get it?  Be sure to check out the plaidCheck?).  Brimfield also offers Refined Rustic lighting, original art and a large selection of fabrics for upholstery.

While Brimfield couldn’t be more masculine (“Hands off, Pal!  I’ll give you a knuckle sandwich if you don’t drop the plaid Pendleton!”), Fernstrom’s other new Andersonville shop, the Cottage specializes in a shabbier granny-chic look (watch for my profile soon), so you can leave your brass knuckles at home.

I’ll cut right to the chase; Brimfield is a revelation, breathtaking in its scope and ambition, the shop is at once charmingly rustic and expertly polished.  Word on the street is that she’s selling out fast, so I’d hurry over if I were you.  Congratulations Julie.

Brimfield.  5219 N. Clark.












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18 Responses to “This Week: Brimfield (the new Andersonville store, not the flea market)”

  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! This store looks classy, distinctive, accomplished and still funky enough for someone like me. Julie is a merchandising pro- love the way everything just flows so well together.
    On top of that I have seen Julie at several markets and SHE COULD NOT be any nicer, warm and genuine. Congrats on your new venture. The store is amazing!!!!!!

  2. Editorial note: its only is spelled “it’s” when you mean “it is”. Possessive pronouns and adjectives DON’T take an apostrophe. All Tate’s readers please note: lots of you do this in your writing too.

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system, the new shop looks fab, dig those wonderful blankets… I could have used one last night when the frost hit again up my way. One of those blankets reminds me (not in a good way) of the wallpaper an acquaintance of mine used many decades ago in a very small den (imagine it on eight-foot-high walls in a room seven feet across)… talk about claustrophobia.

    How much for that airplane hanging from the ceiling?

  3. This set of photos is beautiful.

    Thank you for the daily dose of inspiration.

  4. wow! looks incredible!! i’ve been meaning to swing by there for awhile, but have been busy. i’ll have to drag my family there this weekend.

  5. Its, it’s, it is, itzzzz, it is, ITZZ, is it??? Is it me?? Me it’s???? Thanks Carol.

  6. Just wanted to say I think your writing is such a breath of fresh air. I have to assume you know the difference between its and it’s (as I believe you were an English major). For the eagle-eyed grammarians out there — I don’t think T8’s getting paid for this. Or a grade. But if he were, I’d give him an A. :) Love Ya T8 – you tha bomb.

  7. Andersonville – plaid capital of the world.

  8. Hey All, Brimfield is spectacular. I heart it very much, and Albert’s right about Julie, she’s a genuine and kind person.

    Carol, I’m not sure how much the airplane is, but I’ll ask next time I’m in there. I love love love her selection of blankets. Are you seriously still getting frost? Notice how the second it finally warms up in Chicago I begin to mock people in Canada?

    Thanks for commenting J. Fudo, Katie and Liz.

  9. This is great. these are those few places that you enjoy going in for the set up. The layout is amazing all the articles interesting and personally picked out. The closets or shelves are a nice finish to make sure the blankets stand out in the store and give it that homely feel needed and associated to them. Also I want the plane! dos anyone know who made it?

  10. Tom Slazinski 19. May, 2009 at 9:18 am

    The owener actually explained to me the store was named after a particular plaid, not the market out east. It’s such an inspired space that caputres the homey but sophisticated vibe of the hood
    …maybe the new anchor store of A-ville’s charming strip.

  11. Oh I love love love this store! And now that I have just found you I must scour about to see what I have missed. Cottage being one, I’ll load up the crew and head that way today, thank you!

  12. Love your style! I found you through a link on The Antique Shoppe blog – I visit Kathy’s store in Fairbury whenever I get to central Illinois. I hear she may be collaborating with you – that’s terrific. She’s amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing your shop later this month when I’m in Chicago visiting my daughter at DePaul. Your store looks like a great addition to Andersonville! I have a little list of favorites in your neighborhood. Regards, Mary from FOUND in Ann Arbor

  13. posted that last comment before I read carefully and explored this site – great articles and features. Lots of people from our area visit the city. Nice resource for us, too! Mary from FOUND

  14. Julie always has great upholstered pieces- sometimes not what you’d expect…and definitely original. I have seen her for years at the Klane County Fea Market…and glad to hear she opened this. She does some fun fun things with plaid.

  15. I happened upon this store yesterday and loved it! Glad I was able to find your photos, etc. as I stupidly didn’t even think to take any pics; I’ve been telling all my friends (in Indpls.)about how cool Julie’s woolen upholstery is, however. And by the way, there is a wonderful Swedish bakery just down the street too!!