SpoWhen is the letter M just a consonant? (Plus! Antique Drawings at Agent Gallery)


You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything last Monday or Tuesday.  Then again, maybe you didn’t notice.  If that’s the case, I only have one thing to say, and I’ll say it with my trademark sexy swagger; no you didn’t!

Ahem . . . I took the mini-vacation to hang out with my visiting high school friend Marla, whom I haven’t seen since we lost touch nearly fifteen years.  After unsuccessfully searching for her, I’d finally accepted that I’d never see her again when I miraculously found her via this little underground site Facebook (check it out sometime).

While Marla and her wife Cate now live in my future home San Francisco (Don’t call it San Fran buddy or I’ll pop you one!), they lived here in Chicago for a big chunk of the time we were separated – and in the same neighborhood where I lived!

Continued . . .


Marla at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

I was kind of nervous.  Marla and I didn’t actually go to the same high school; we’d always been more like phone buddies, so we’d never spent more than a couple hours together at any given time.  What if we didn’t get along?  What if the years had embittered us to the world and most tragically, to each other?  As it turns out, Marla and I had a ball.  Neither of us have matured in the least, and you’ll no doubt be glad to hear that we still go together like Bonnie and Clyde.  “What’s this all got to do with Agent Gallery,?” you must be asking.  Very little I’ll admit, but here’s the answer.  Roll the clip:

The screen is all scratchy and yellowing, as if it were from a movie made in the 70’s.  Marla lies on the bed and stares intently at the blazing giant-huge-crazy-big T (the biggest T the world ever did see)*, its amber glow the room’s only illumination.  I am doing push-ups.

Marla:  I love that T above your bed so much.

Me:  Do you want your own M if Mariano Chavez of Agent Gallery still has one available?  I think he’s selling them for around $150.

Marla (without missing a beat):  Yes, call him now!

One short hour later we were driving away with the M.  Cool huh?  I love her decisiveness.  Thanks for visiting Marla; I miss you already.

(sniff).  if you want your own light up letter, be sure to call Mariano at Agent Gallery.  I highly recommend buying the first initial of your first name.  It has profoundly changed the way I think of myself and altered my perception about how much influence I have on the world around me.  I believe you’ll find this slightly delusional experience quite enjoyable.



Marla's Marvelous Many-Bulbed M

Also, I thought you might be interested in these antique drawings available at Agent Gallery.  Interesting huh?





* It’s a sports car thing.  So long folks!  That’s it for another edition of STRANGE CLOSETS.

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3 Responses to “SpoWhen is the letter M just a consonant? (Plus! Antique Drawings at Agent Gallery)”

  1. Wow- I love the T above your bed too. Now I want an A but maybe in my office. Anyway, I absolutely love the drawings- they’re very outsider art which really should be appreciated. Nice hints Tate. How would Chicago design stay on top without you??????

  2. Thanks so much for the story about Marla. I am thinking about getting in touch with an old high school friend (it’s been 33 years… yoicks!), and you have inspired me to give it a go. I have already rustled up a few others, so maybe he will talk to me in the same friendly way as they did.
    As for the initial, there’s a particular kind of “C” I would like – an Old English Gothic one. I will ask a woodcarver friend of mine to make it for me; it might look bizarre in lights.