Chicago Secrets: Agent Gallery


What do you think of the painting on the left?  While I’m normally very shy, the artist made me feel very comfortable . . . pretty even.

As a music accompaniment for this post, may I be so bold as to recommend Plush Gun?  Try “Just Impolite,” which I’ve intuitively added to the right sidebar (simply play it).   And a note of the most sincere gratitude to Lakeview’s Caribou Coffee (on Broadway) for introducing me to this band last week.  Also thanks to ITunes for raising their prices, the filthy bastards.   Apple:  Putting the Great in Great Depression*

And now, sit back and enjoy the grandeur that is . . . Agent Gallery!

Have you heard the one about the guy who meets a beautiful woman at the local tavern, convinces her to have a slumber party and wakes up the next morning, alone and sans kidney?  Or the one about the high school couple who are necking in the car until, spooked by a radio report about the “Hook” serial killer (aye aye mate-y), they gun the engine and speed home (or as fast as allowed by state law), the boyfriend blissfully unaware of the object Betty Joe’s clutching in her purse . . . a bloody hook!  I decided to mix that one up a bit.

Fun little stories aren’t they?  But sadly they’re just examples of so-called “urban myths,” cultural memes that give a shape to the free-floating anxiety we all feel in the face of the threat of a second great depression (creating the next generation of thrifty seniors), the scourge of terrorism and the return of the pirate threat on the open seas.

Happy Monday by the way.

Continued . . .


But dry your tears little ones because the one about the guy with the apartment crammed full of Decoratus Absurdum in all its variations, all for sale at reasonable prices is true, true, true (YES!).  I even found a big T, which lights up.  I’ve always wanted to see my name in lights, so three letters to go!!!  (although I suppose a numeral 8 might suffice). Chock-full of all your favorites (or mine at least): salvaged vintage letters, industrial signs, political propaganda, medical objets d’ bizart and more, Agent Gallery is sure to hook you right away.  I hear ya, groan.

Chavez, who worked at both Urban Remains and Salvage One, doesn’t have a shop yet, but you can visit the Agent Gallery website, which is full of great products and which Chavez updates often.  Visit frequently lest you miss out on the perfect accessory.  I learned that lesson the hard way as somebody already claimed the crazy-cool jeweled movie theater nightlights and the realistic artificial glass eye (the perfect paperweight).  Now what will I buy mommy dearest** for Mother’s Day?

Agent Gallery (online or by appointment)

* Hey!  My Mac just froze up.

** They’re wood hangers mom, I swear . . . i’m sorry :-(



















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8 Responses to “Chicago Secrets: Agent Gallery”

  1. I really like the painting on the left, actually.

  2. Also, he really should put the dimensions of things on the site so it’s easier to visualize…my favorite is the grotesque door knocker.

  3. Totally drool-worthy! When I win the lottery I’m buying everything!

  4. Decorator Dave 13. Apr, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Yep, just sent him fan mail. Anyone with old images of medical maladies (dripping scabs!) goes on my short favorite list. A little confused, though…I have three or four identical things to him that I thought were only coveted by me.

  5. The cabbage patch kid with no eyes is creepy as sh_!T.

    Pretty cool.

  6. You absolutely rock Mariano. Such excellent taste!

  7. i think i went to this rummage sale