Studio Tour: Artist Joe Hindley


If you’re like me and perhaps four to six other people who are hopelessly addicted to watching the exploits of One Life to Live’s Victoria Lord Riley Burke Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson and her alter ego Nicki Smith, you’ve probably wondered what would happen if an artist fractured into different personalities.  Wonder no more (that’s why you read Strange Closets).

While St. Joseph, Michigan artist Joe Hindley does not struggle with Dissassociative Identity Disorder, one look at the wide variety of art styles and technique he employs may cause you to think otherwise.  Hindley, who previously lived in Chicago and painted a spectacular mural for Michigan Avenue’s Banana Republic flagship store, was working on a series of cows when I visited last winter, but his work includes urban realism (which is quite reminiscent of the WPA art I so love), pop and sculpture.  I’m a big fan and Joe’s a great guy doing incredible work in a little town in Harbor County.  While you’re there, make a day of it and visit the Elizabeth Coyne Gallery located directly across the street.

Joe’s studio is located in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan and is open during the off-season by appointment.  Check out Joe’s work at his website.  Or email him at











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13 Responses to “Studio Tour: Artist Joe Hindley”

  1. I love your use of color and depth in your paintings. I will be taking over a gallery in the next few weeks would love to talk to you about your work.
    Phillip Bernal

  2. Love, Love, love! Fabulous art and I agree – I’m always amazed when an artist is able to work in different styles.

  3. Hi Joe!
    Its really great to see your work and your space! Looks like you are having fun! Hope you’re well!

  4. I’ve long admired Joe’s work-especially his WPA/Grant Wood/Bretton-esque style paintings.
    Everytime I get a haircut- I’m able to enjoy Joe’s depiction of a “real” BarberShop, on display at Gabbys (“when you’re shabby- go see Gabby”) Babershop located at 2860 N. Clark Street.
    One of Joes all-time great murals (depicting the Wicker Park El + the local “scene”) usta adorn Pam Scarianos’ restaurant called Soul Kitchen when it was at Damen@Milwakee Ave.

    Joe’s a very talented artist who should be MORE popular than he is!

  5. Hi Joe –

    Great space! Glad to see you’re doing well, and your art is as fabulous as ever. Every morning I wake up to one of your impressionist landscapes. Love it as much as the day I took it home. Will touch base next time I’m up your way.

    Be well!

  6. joe’s studio is in sawyer, michigan. he lives in a small town close to sawyer, and tries to winter in mexico. indeed he is more popular than it seems. bp

  7. Wow, I love this guy’s work—especially the cityscapes—powerful stuff! What a great website—lots to see.

  8. Kathy Willhoite 26. Aug, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Joe Hindley is my favorite painter!

  9. Deborah Hall-Kayler 26. Sep, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Joe I just purchased your beautiful Cow Painting ‘dawn to dusk’ at a fund raiser for my husband’s birthday. She is simply majestic – we love her.

    Continue your wonderful work!


  10. We accidently-not-by-accident found Joe and his studio last week while waiting for our table at Greenbush. The 30 minutes we spent with him and gazing at his work turned out to be one of the top highlights of our entire family vacation. Thanks Joe!