Open House: Dave’s Lakeview Luxury


I meet potential Open House stars in a variety of ways: friends refer friends, Interior Designers refer clients, people email me out-of-the-blue and of course I shamelessly ask everybody I meet (and which often works strangely enough).  But I met Dave while searching for a piece  of furniture on Craig’s List.  As I perused his offerings, I (somewhat freakishly) thought I recognized a painting in the background from one of Apartment Therapy’s home tours and somewhat star-struck, began plotting how I might be able to secure an invitation (telling him I wanted to look at the furniture he was advertising was brilliant [if I do say so myself]).

If you don’t read Apartment Therapy, Janel and team originally featured Dave’s sophisticated Andersonville pad a few years ago, and they check in with him from time-to-time, mostly because he’s got incredible taste and redecorates so frequently he’s good for several completely new house tours every year.  Like a mad scientist tinkering with the building blocks of life, the twenty-something decorator is perpetually mixing the test tube – a new lamp here, a splash of color there.  It’s fascinating – evolution on speed (if you’re a strict creationist, can we compromise and call it Intelligent Design?).

Dave’s not afraid to mix it up.  When he and his paramor began fighting over what to watch on TV*, Dave resolved the conflict quickly by simply adding another.  Other unique features include a repurposed urinal that serves as a candle holder (although I’d use it as an ice bucket), a very cool white rhino accessory, industrial lighting fixtures and a quite nice quadrant of vintage car crash scene photos (provided by The Found’s Albert Tanquero), which hang in the entry and no doubt immediately put David Cronenberg lovers at ease.

Continued . . .


Extremely sensitive to his surroundings and passionate about design, Dave rehabbed the kitchen in his rental apartment with Ikea cabinets, paint and whimsical touches (the mounted fish was used in this week’s Time Out Chicago as an example of Decoratus Absurdum).  “No,” Dave answered when I asked if the landlord knew about the extensive renovation.  Fierce.

Being in Dave’s space makes me feel a bit melancholy; it’s beauty makes me want to stop time, to put a halt to his tinkering (“Enough, it’s perfect!”).  But life moves on and the trick is finding beauty along the way, to resist the inclination toward static cling.  Dave long-ago embraced that philosophy in his home; he seems to intuitively understand that as scary as change can be, it can also be beautiful, it unleashes energy and creates new opportunities.  Sometimes the old, even when it seems perfect, needs to exit the stage to make room for the new.

Thanks Dave!  And a special thanks to Apartment Therapy.  Decorator Dave takes on side jobs from time-to-time when he’s not Clark Kent-ing at his regular 9 – 5 gig at a high end design firm.  Email him at to learn more.


Under the heading of small world, I thought Dave’s address seemed familiar, and as it turns out he lives directly across the hall from my brother’s first Chicago apartment (and which I found and rented on his behalf during his brief stint living in Brooklyn).




















* I just realized that “TV” has begun to sound dated.  It’ll be gone soon.

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17 Responses to “Open House: Dave’s Lakeview Luxury”

  1. I love the kitchen cabinets. Wondering from whence they came?

  2. When can I move in?

    Questions, questions.

    What is Albert Tanquero’s e-Bay seller name? I know he’s at the Randolph St. Antique Mart, but that’s not for a couple of months……

    Where did Dave get his awesome selection of glass cloches? His mini-tableaus under glass look great.

  3. Hey Anna. Dave’s cabinets are from Ikea – cool huh?

  4. I am totally jealous of the wonderful art all over the house – and how it’s been placed. Really enjoyed this tour!

  5. Dave,

    This is fabulous! Absolutley stunning! And you are looking terrific yourself! Congrats, Dave!!

    – Cole

  6. This guy is good.

  7. I bought some stuff from Dave in the past. Very nice person and the apartment feels like a luxurious and eclectic lounge.

  8. Hey Paula,

    I don’t know where Dave got the glass thingamagiggies. Dave?

    Albert’s store is tanquerochicago.

    Is your house done yet?

  9. Are you the same Dave that redid Nate Burkus’ old place for that pharmaceutical exec on Elm and Lakeshore? Awesome job if it was. If not, nevermind, getting my web sites jumbled up.

  10. Hi Skip. Not only is that the same Dave, but keep watching for an Open House of that very apartment.

  11. this apt is amazing! where is the hutch from in the living room? also, where is andersonville?

  12. Thanks for your comment Sara. Andersonville is a neighborhood on Chicago’s lakefront (just north of Uptown, which is just north Dave’s current neighborhood Lakeview). I live in Andersonville now.


  13. O.k.- I shouldn’t be commenting since I sold him the car crash posters but this place is amazing. I’m looking around at the clutter and chaos that is my place and I’m inspired- not only to clean but decorate. This place is beyond- beyond beyond. I love it.

  14. I think your my twin!