Chicago Secrets: Arthur Swirgon’s Art Collection


West side antique dealer Arthur Swirgon knows a lot about a lot:  European antiques expert, jewelry dealer and self-taught mid-century modern expert (he can run circles around most), Arthur knows the history and importance of many of his store’s pieces.

So it kills me that he’s doing so well on his Ebay store and developing a reputation around the world when many Chicagoans don’t even know he’s there.  True, his store, which is located on the west side, may not be as convient as the local Pottery Barn, but it’s stocked with amazing finds at affordable prices.  Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of mid-century modern furniture stores, but I’m always delighted by Arthur’s selection, which includes classic, quirky and rare pieces.  I went ga-ga over a Danish mid-century desk/dressser (marked 50% off by the way).

While I’ve written about Arthur’s furniture offerings, I continue to be most impressed with his selection of African American art and sculpture.  If you’re a collector or just looking for an interesting piece for your home, stop in.  If nothing else, Arthur’s a cool, intelligent and highly educated guy, so I think you’ll enjoy talking with him (and probably learn a thing or two).

You can read my first piece (posted way back when) here.  Enjoy!

320 S. California.  773-392-1613.
















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4 Responses to “Chicago Secrets: Arthur Swirgon’s Art Collection”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the Arthur Swirgon booth at the Modernism show (next weekend! next weekend! Can you tell I’m excited?) but I’ve never been to his shop – I’ll have to go!

  2. Decorator Dave 26. Mar, 2009 at 8:33 am

    I enjoyed this; the selected objects are very cool to me. I always like when small shos reflect the ‘vibe’ of the owners. Not to mention…Arthur Swirgon the fellow would also enhance my decor!

  3. Aha! So these are the Chicago Secrets you referred to in a later post… Well kept secrets too, at least ’til now! Love the abstract in shades of turquoise (pix 4 and 14 in the strand). I’m a big fan of Kandinsky and others; this reminds me a bit of some of their work. Original and enjoyable.

  4. Ahhannn!! nice collection but most of Arthur’s collection is based on African heritage and culture or as a matter of fact you can say he is influenced by American-african cultures.I would like to see his other inspirations as well,,apart from African-American one.Nice post by the way