This Week: Smythson Yeats and the Case of the European Bounty


Smythson Yeats owner Dick Rosen just received the container of goodies he bought during his recent European shopping trip (so help me God, if he complains about his job, I’m puttin’ my dukes up).   Take a look at this gorgeous antique buffet that was spirited out of a Paris flat (above), one of two priced at $1250.  Well-made, gorgeous, storied and priced-to-sell, I was never good at Geomebra, but I’d say that adds up to a good deal.

If you haven’t been over to Lincoln Avenue lately, there’s a little section of interesting shops clustered around Smythson Yeats and while I wouldn’t call the area a Chicago secret exactly, it certainly hasn’t been recognized in the same way that other design districts despite there being a plethora (score!! I’ve been waiting to use that one) of good deals, including a 3 piece deco sofa and chair set for basically nothing, a collection of sunburst mirrors and even a bit of circus memorabilia.  Who could possibly been prescient enough to predict the proliferation of something as underground as circus and carnival memorabilia, you’ll no doubt day ask yourself one day.

I suggest the following itinerary:

1.  Eat lunch at Cafe Selmarie (try the mac and cheese . . . scratch that, do have the MAC AND CHEESE; so good it deserves to be bolded and CAPITALIZED ( I’m capitulating to capitalization for the sake of community and commerce)

2.  Do your grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.  All Trader Joe’s employees are chill, cool and happy (you can tell the way they banter with one another and toss cans and stuff).  At Trader Joe’s, big problems are small problems and small problems are no biggie (man).  Brought to you by Trader Joe; we’re not just selling a frozen mackeral, we’re selling a lifestyle.

Huh . . . JOE!  I didn’t see you there buddy.  Aww c’mon Joe.   I’m kidding!!!

Smythson Yeats is located at 3851 N. Lincoln Avenue (right next to Praha).  773-244-6365.









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3 Responses to “This Week: Smythson Yeats and the Case of the European Bounty”

  1. Thanks for the feature on Smythson Yeats. I NEED one of those sunburst mirrors for my foyer. The bigger the better. Love the gold-tan leather 2-seater (I personally hate the expression “love seat”) and club chairs too. Have a great day, another blizzard is on the way…

  2. Love the stuff this place has, especially the antique buffet. Will definitely check it out next time I’m in the city.