Trend Report: Election Decoroyalty in Domino

Domino is one of my favorite design magazines* so when the new issue featured election decor (framed political posters, etc.), my knee-jerk reaction was, “That’s swell!”, but then I remembered a greeting card I recently bought that says, “I cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.” (I’m saving it for just the right person.)

If campaigns are like courtships, I can’t handle seeing all of my exes hanging on the wall (although if their heads are mounted taxidermy style I might be be cool with it).

A different Domino story profiles a space whose owner clearly has a thing for the Queen of England. I call it Decoroyalty and it reigns supreme. How’s an image of the Queen Mum different from Palin posters in the Wasilla P.D. locker room?

Keep reading to find out . . .

If democratic elections are like the dating game, an old-fashioned monarchy is like Murder She Wrote, a show that seemed to go on forever but was harmless enough and reminded many of their Nanas.

Only masochists want a daily reminder of past what-might-have-been’s, but everybody likes photos of their Grannie (except maybe Christina Crawford’s kids).


* See how I named one right off the top of my head? That was really easy.

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One Response to “Trend Report: Election Decoroyalty in Domino”

  1. Election decor! I never thought of that. I decorate with The Queen and also with Madonnas,( the religious ones, not the singing and dancing ones ) but election decorating is new to me…and cool. I need a Nixon, right now.