Travel: London’s Soho Hotel

I first posted this in early April but I’ve been traveling a bit lately (visit next week for a report on my latest trip to Dallas and the . . . interesting hotel I stayed in – not exactly a design lover’s dream), and I find myself comparing every hotel to the Soho Hotel in London.

I first experienced London last summer. Pathetically, one of my favorite things about Britain was the TV lineup (I particularly enjoyed “Sex Change Hospital”). But the city beckons, and it’s difficult to sit in front of the telly when outside the streets of Soho and the Theater District are bustling. If you’ve been to London, you know that the people are friendly, the fashion forward and the codeine blissfully legal. The only drawback is that hotels are expensive and the rooms are small, which is why the Soho Hotel was such a surprise.

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Unfortunately, I’m not paid in Euros (can that be negotiated?), but I love good hotels, and this one was REALLY good. Unlike the earth tones I favor for my home, the Soho Hotel was all bright colors – lime and hot pink and electric (literally) blue, tempered with whitewashed wood and neutral beige. Interestingly, a giant black cat sits just inside the front door, a choice that didn’t photograph very well. But surprise! It works; “This is not just a hotel.”

And the lobby is part of the experience, teaming with the media elite and style mavens. I hate clubs and places people go to see and be seen. But it was London and who would know? So I allowed myself to be carried away by the colors popping and people posing and the music pulsing and the see and the to be seen.

Continued . . .

Every evening when I returned from dinner, I’d stroll through the lobby and instead of retiring to my room, head to one of the two large drawing rooms. I wanted to experience every second, hear every note, see every smile and savor every sip (at least until it was time for Sex Change Hospital).

What was your favorite hotel? Or was it a hostel? Or an apartment you swapped?

Have a great weekend.

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One Response to “Travel: London’s Soho Hotel”

  1. I wish my house looked like this.