Open House: Michael and Evelyn’s “Factory” Home

Artist Michael Thompson and his partner, artist and vintage clothing dealer, Evelyn Daitchman, live and breath art, a fact quickly evident upon entering their home, a large loft with soaring ceilings, wall-to-wall windows and the original concrete floors. The space is a near-perfect example of an authentic, old-school Chicago loft (if you threw in a dash of Warhol’s Factory).

The kitchen’s open shelving and vintage appliances bring to mind a rural cabin, providing an interesting bit of dissonance in this urban setting. A tiny, old-school TV sits in a corner, typically dark; the couple have better things to do (to create) than to watch Friends re-runs.

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Thompson, who was the subject of a recent Strange Closets interview, quit art school in order to buy an etching machine . . . to make art. Art, the practice, not the degree, was the priority.

And art (their own, their friends and the found) permeate the space; one gets the feeling that it makes breath possible for the wild dynamic duo. Many of the pieces and objects on display, which includes Thompson’s paper mache butchered meats and a recently slaughtered chicken (also paper mache – relax and finish your burger) are distinctly and authentically Decoratus Absurdum, a theme that’s also apparent in the ten foot high, vintage metal bookcases that hold a museum-worthy collection of ancient artifacts from the couple’s many travels.

Most people want nothing more than to escape from their work when they’re home, but for Michael and Evelyn, for people living their passion, there is no distinction between work and life and home. They might suffocate if they were made to wear the mask that many of us put on in the morning. Visiting their home was like breathing oxygen again after being held under water for far too long.

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4 Responses to “Open House: Michael and Evelyn’s “Factory” Home”

  1. What an interesting space! Its fabulous.

  2. Such a beautiful loft. The chair hanging from the ceiling amuses me. I like the art pieces hanging over the sofa.

  3. MAGDA (the Polish from the Village Discount store) 22. Jan, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    We meet today at the store. How cool your place is, just awesome. Kind of weird feeling to walk to someone place just like this. You go Girl!
    To having a studio like that is my dream. It was so nice to meet you. Maybe coffee some day? I wold love to come over to see how the real thing looks like(the studio)and smell the art.