This Week: FourSided

FourSided is the most recent addition to the small and independently owned framing company that Todd Mack began more than eight years ago when he opened a shop on Broadway in Lakeview. A third store, TwoSided (which I wrote about several months ago) does not provide framing services and is primarily a card and accessories shop.

But calling owner Todd Mack’s vocation “framing” is like calling the Mona Lisa a sketch.

Mack’s an artist; give him a razor, ten minutes and a piece of matte board, and he’ll give you a piece that will make you consider tossing the art and framing the matte by itself.

Continued after photos . . .

Mack’s that good; and his talents extend to the retail portion of his store, which carries an eclectic mix of globes, maps, artwork, letters, bookends, curiosities and cards. There’s more, but my fingers are tired. Check it out for yourself.

FourSided’s merchandise is a bit whimsical, a bit Decoratus Absurdum and a whole lot of fun. Support the arts. Support independent business. Buy vintage (the best way to be green). And have fun.

FourSided is located at 5061 N. Clark in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. For questions, visit their website or call 773-506-8300.

The multiverse is back

You may remember that I promised no clowns. I lied. Why do bad things happen?

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