Open House: House 5863

In most cases, I like the concept of Bed and Breakfasts a whole lot more than the reality. Sure, it sounds cozy and “real”, the idea of staying in an actual home instead of a sterile hotel, the informal shared breakfasts, meeting new people, helping a real person make their living.
But my, admittedly anecdotal, experience typically involves Victorian decor, misleading photos, small showers, bad food, awkward breakfasts and uncomfortable beds.

So when House 5863 opened in my neighborhood, I was dubious.

And I was wrong.

House 5863, in Chicago’s Edgewater Glen neighborhood, is light and clean and modern (no doilies, no floral prints); the facility is what a good home away from home should be, a relaxing respite, a place to experience a real city neighborhood within walking distance of shops (like Scout), restaurants and the El.

The owner, George Brown, has transformed what was once an unusual building (one of a number of formerly commercial buildings that lined the otherwise residential Glenwood when the neighborhood was built in the early 1900’s) into a guest home, a source of pride for the neighborhood, a space to reflect, to meet new people and to fall in love with Chicago.

When I arrived to take photos, I chatted briefly with a visitor from Brooklyn. She was thinking of moving to Chicago “because there’s too many strollers in Brooklyn.” I lied and assured her that we don’t have that problem, but advised her to avoid Andersonville until her next visit.

House 5863 is located at 5863 (hey weird) North Glenwood in Chicago’s awesome Edgewater Glen neighborhood. For questions or to make a reservation (which I do recommend), call George at 773-944-5555.

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3 Responses to “Open House: House 5863”

  1. Great post! I’ve been wanting to see more of the interior of this place. Have to send this to my in-laws. Maybe next time they come for a visit they’ll stay there instead of all the way out in the burbs.

  2. My neighbors have their parents stay there when in-town, and they say 5863 has significantly relieved pressure and generally saved the family from imploding. All feedback has been excellent.

  3. Wonderful interior and a great home away from home. Love the cozy garden in the back and the ample deck space. Great green space out front and a place to enjoy the outdoors out back.