Skulls? This trend went over my head

This past winter, I stopped at Nordstrom’s to buy a scarf. I found a lovely one, chocolate cashmere with a tiny cream repeating pattern of some sort. When I squinted and looked closer, I was surprised to see little cream skulls; cute, right? Or no? I wasn’t sure, so I passed on the scarf.

I’d seen skulls used a bit in the high-end design magazines, but typically in the apartments of eccentric (and rich) rockers and artists. I was completely unaware that the macabre image had jumped the fence and escaped into the mainstream until I saw all the skull-related products (and many in the clearance bin) at Z Gallerie. And you know what that means? 10-4 skull trend. Over and out.

My friend, Janis, who’s not a design buff, looked at me like I was crazy. “Where have you been?,” she asked incredulously. “Skulls are everywhere.”

What trends have passed you by completely? And did you notice skulls? Or is Janis a bit crazy maybe?

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9 Responses to “Skulls? This trend went over my head”

  1. Zola Jones by Jason Loper 24. Apr, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    I’m happy to see the skull trend go as well …

  2. Yes, you must have been living under a rock. Skulls everywhere. My pre-teen niece was all about the skull fashion about a year ago. That and Avril Lavine have definitely jumped the shark.

  3. Never got into skulls. And never got into guns. Remember that gun vase? And there was some gun lamp too, I think Phillipe Stark designed it. Really, really hated that mini-trend. UGH!

  4. The creepiest part was when skulls started appearing on baby & toddler wear. Who the HELL dresses their infant in skulls?! Apparently bourgeois haus fraus. The end of the world really must be getting close…

    It’s my least favorite trend since the one where girls were (and still are) wearing the word “JUICY” across their butts. Is it just me, or is the thought of a juicy butt really gross?

  5. Yes, the end is nigh I’m afraid. I don’t think kids need to wear anything across their butts, but you’re right that juicy is particularly offensive. Are we just old-fashioned? Who actually likes that stuff? I keep waiting for somebody to defend it, but nobody ever does.

  6. I’m in the minority here, but like skulls. I have the Alexander McQueen skull scarf which might have been the one you looked at.

    Skulls add a cheeky darkness when done the right way. Not pink, not everywhere, but as beautiful momento moris.

    Then again, I live with taxidermy and spent my youth at punk shows.

    NOTHING is worse than “juicy” butts. Unflattering, boring, and patently offensive on young girls. If it’s uptight or old fashioned to not want to see 11 years olds sexualized, SIGN ME UP.

  7. As always, my problem isn’t with skulls, it’s with skulls as trend, showing up everywhere all at once. My taste in accessories (which include goofy superhero sculptures) is pretty offbeat, so I could appreciate a cool skull found in a thrift store or a shop known for their curiosities.

    I actually did like the scarf, partly because of the endorphic surprise it elicited.

  8. Non-skull relayed query: I need the leaf-shaped mirror in your bottom pic. Where did you take that?

    As for the skulls: it took about a second for them to go from interesting (if limited) design image to tacky and cliche. Unfortunately, I think this speed transformation is itself going to be a trend.

  9. Hi, that was taken at Z Gallerie on North Avenue in Chicago. Good luck.