Travel: Hotel Bourg Tibourg

I enjoy staying in hotels just a bit off the beaten path. I can’t imagine staying at a Hilton when for about the same dime, one can have a truly unique experience. One excellent example is Hotel Bourg Tibourg in Paris, France. Hotel Bourg Tibourg sits on a bustling street, Rue Bourg Tibourg, in the bustling (and rapidly gentrifying) Marais neighborhood.

Designed by Jacques Garcia (who also designed a line of furniture for Baker), Hotel Bourg Tibourg is a feast for the senses; colors, sound and scent creating an atmosphere of absolute luxury. The color scheme consists of deep blues, reds, oranges and yellows; the rich hues seem tasteful and sophisticated.

The ambiance was so intoxicating that I barely noticed I could touch 3 of the room’s 4 walls from the center of my bed and that the only escape in the event of a fire was either down the single-person spiral staircase or out the window and into the concrete courtyard.

As my very Tallulah-like friend, Sharon, likes to say, the room “was the size of a postage stamp,” (only she didn’t say it about a room). But would I stay there again? You bet. In fact, I’m planning a trip.

When I returned to Chicago, I found that my home’s neutral interior taupes, browns and creams seemed positively dreary by comparison. I’ve tried to think of ways to inject color, but I have a mental block. How do you use deep or bright paint and fabrics without entering the garish zone?

What do you think? Does this appeal to you? How do you use color in your home?

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